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Black Panther
Black Panther

Black Panther

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Original Black Panther

A smoothly polished detailed frame provides the elegant look for the Black Panther cover. Coming in three colors, Black Panther is one of the hottest covers we have.

✔️ Prevent the start/stop button from scratches/abrasions

✔️ Prevent accidental touching of start/stop button

✔️ Double sided adhesive helps the stick around engine button.

 Does NOT affect the cars function at all.

✔️ Perfect as a gift

Easy Installation:

1. Paste circular adhesive (included in package) around push to start button.

2. Tear off the non sticky part of the adhesive after pasting.

3. Attach cover to adhesive.

4.Installation is complete.

FAQ: Where does this ship from?

Answer: Black Panther covers ship from NY, USA